Hormone Restoration

Hormone Restoration

Bio-Identical hormone therapy is medical treatment that is performed by our medical professional that is quick and painless. We offer several different types of hormone therapy such as; Pellet therapy, which are small pellets that are inserted under your skin usually around the glute area in which your body absorbs the hormones as needed over the course of 6 months. Our highly trained medical professional will recommend lab work before prescribing the specific hormone treatment that is needed for your body to optimize your body’s hormonal function. Below are several different benefits of hormone therapy:

Improved Mood

Hormones play a key role in regulating mood, and imbalances can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety. Hormone replacement therapy can help restore balance and improve overall well-being.

Increased Energy Levels

Low hormonal imbalances can cause fatigue and low energy levels. Hormone replacement therapy can help increase energy levels and improve overall vitality.

Better Sexual Function

Better Sexual Function: Hormonal decline is a natural process that happens to everyone and by using anti-aging hormones can help improve sexual function, improve libido and other sexual dysfunctions. Hormone replacement therapy can help restore normal sexual function and improve overall sexual health.

Improved Cognitive Function

Improved Cognitive Function: Hormones can also affect our brain and cognitive function and by using hormone therapy, it can help improve cognitive function and mental clarity.

Reduced menopausal symptoms

Menopause is associated with a number of symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disturbance, and vaginal dryness. Hormone replacement therapy can help reduce these symptoms and make the transition to menopause easier.

Reduced Weight

When our hormones begin to decrease that can lead to increased
weight gain and by using hormone therapy, this can help increase muscle tone and decrease body fat.


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